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Tracking financial transactions, maintaining records and running payroll are some of the accounting tasks that could be conveniently outsourced. Security is always a concern in accounting. It is, after all, a crucial part of managing a business that involves sensitive data like employee information and the company’s financial details. This is why choosing the people or firms that would handle your accounting must be done with utmost care and scrutiny.


Outsourcing to virtual accounting firms is infinitely safer due to the technological advancements that paved the way in developing efficient and secure accounting software. We will not deny, however, that threats will always be present; hence, we structure our systems, processes, and business practices considering such threats.


Outsource Bookkeeping for Efficient Result and Secure Data





We take data security seriously. After all, trust is one of the strong foundations upon which we built our business. Data security is a non-stop task and something that we actively and continuously improve to ensure that we stay steps ahead of potential threats. We research, we test and we finesse. 


We approach data security from three main angles. This way, we can give our valued clients a more solid assurance that all data they entrust to us are safe. Also, it is one way for us to protect the reputation and integrity that we worked hard to build and establish.


Physical Facilities and Data Centers


We ensure that all access points to the client data we handle are secured. Our office premises are secured and monitored. Strict restrictions are put in place such as entry for authorized personnel only and even then, we implement thorough protocols in granting such entry. Managing data entry and exit points are also restricted. We have very minimal to zero reliance on paper-based data which is one of the security advantages of outsourcing to virtual accounting firms. We are also very strict in the use of USB pen drives, printers, and other copying devices inside our office. We also have comprehensive disaster recovery procedures in place.


Accounting Services


Networks and Systems


Our data servers are in secured facilities and are extensively monitored. We have multiple layers of user authentication for all our computer systems. All external storage portals are also deactivated to prevent unauthorized copies of client data. We also have solid encryption for all data transfers that are comparable to high-security data servers used in banks.




We have a tea of professionals who uphold integrity and have the utmost respect for our clients and our business ideals. We perform extensive background checks with regular spot checks to ensure team integrity. We also provide our team with comprehensive data protection and privacy laws training.


We basically have all bases covered when it comes to data security. We aim to provide the best and most efficient accounting services to our clients and that includes extensive data security. Protect your vital and sensitive business information by allowing us to handle all your accounting services. Get in touch and let’s talk about getting all the proper security in place.